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Education Resources

Equipment and Book Collection

Our department is located right to the left of the school’s main entrance on Roosevelt Road. In addition to the classrooms and professors’ offices, it also includes rooms for anthropological research, specimen display, doctoral research, master’s students’ research,  field data processing,  storage,  photography, archeological specimen storage, publication storage, equipment, etc. along with a technician’s office and the department office.

In addition to the important books in the Anthropological Materials Research Laboratory, there are nearly 40,000 books on anthropology in the school’s Main Library and there are more than 100 periodicals. There are also cameras, video recorders, televisions, computers, and projectors to assist in teaching and research.

Academic Activities

I. Publishing

  1. Journal: The Journal of Archaeology and Humanities
  2. Special issue published occasionally: “Special Issues in Archaeology and Anthropology”
  3. A special book published by the National Taiwan University Publishing Center


II.The Fieldwork Curriculum

The Department’s “Archaeology Field Methods and Practice” and “Cultural Fieldwork Internships and Methods” courses are taught by professors and teaching assistants at field locations during the winter vacation. For about two weeks students participate in on-site investigation and excavation or conduct anthropological participant observation and interviews in specific communities. 


III. Research

In addition to basic academic research programs, teachers in this department are entrusted by public and private institutions to implement relevant research projects. Colleagues use this to accumulate professional research results and provide opportunities for students to actually participate in academic research.


IV. Scholarships

  1. Professor Yi Yi-fu Memorial Scholarship
  2. Professor Yin Jian-zhong Memorial Scholarship
  3. Chen Ding-ri Memorial Scholarship
  4. Lin Zhen-xuan Classmates Commemorative Scholarship