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Educational Goals

Bachelor's Program

  This program aims to cultivate students’ talents with anthropological and multicultural perspectives.

  On the one hand, through basic theoretical courses, regional ethnography, and specialized courses, graduates are expected to have the ability to understand the developmental process of human society and culture. They are also expected to be able to understand cultural diversity, tolerance differences, as well as care for and reflect on contemporary social issues.

  On the other hand, the Department encourages students to broaden their horizons through electives, double majors or other supplementary methods across departments, in order to cultivate students’ knowledge in many fields of study, and serve as the basis for students’ future research.

Master's Program

  This program aims to train academic and practical professionals with profound anthropological knowledge.

  Graduates should have skills in the exploration and application of knowledge which will form the basis either for further academic research or participation in the promotion of cultural development policies at all levels.

  The department enjoys a rich collection of ethnological, archaeological, and other related work experiences. In  1997, the training objectives of the Master’s program were revised to includes classes such as , “Archology-related Practices”, “Museums” and “Cultural Administration” . These classes further strengthened the knowledge and practical ability of master’s students to enter relevant fields.

Ph.D. Program

  This program forms the foundation for training teachers and researchers in the professional field. Our department aims to cultivate professional archaeology and sociocultural anthropology scholars with forward-looking and international perspectives.