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Applications for Research and Publication

If you want to conduct research with or publish material related to, our museum’s collections and images, please read the” Notes on the Application for Use of Images or Artifacts from the Collection “, fill out the application form in accordance with the intended use, and send it to .

I. Notes on the Application for Use of Images or Artifacts from the Collection 

II. Research Application

 1. Research Use of Collections and Archives

 2.Agreement for Use of Images and Recordings of the Museum’s Collections

Application for publication

 1.Collection Image Publication Request Form

General copying fees (including positives, 135 slides, print photos or digital image files) are as follows (if there are special circumstances, the department may adjust the fees):


Price for Non-Commercial Use

Price for Commercial and Individual Use

120 positives


Domestic: NT $ 800
Foreign: US $ 23


Domestic: NT $ 1800
Foreign: USD 52

135 slides, prints or digital image files


Domestic: NT $ 600
Foreign: US $ 18


Domestic: NT $ 1,600;
Foreign: US $ 46

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Fax: (02) 2363-1658