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“Hi, story” Donations

After the Anthropology Museum was relocated to the western part of the old main library in 2010, the school agreed to use the second floor of the old main library as an archeology exhibition space. However, it must be funded by the museum. The old main library was completed at the founding of Taipei Imperial University, and it has been gradually added on to. It is now a municipal monument. Although we are anxious to start construction on the archeology exhibition hall, the planned site of the exhibition hall is now facing problems such as a cracked waterproof layer on the roof, severe degradation of the wooden windows, insect pests, and plant damage. In order to ensure the safety of people and cultural relics after the opening of the new space, we must first restore this historic building. The archaeological exhibition hall can only be constructed after the restoration of this historic site. The total amount required is initially estimated at NT $ 37 million.

"Hi, story" Fundraising Plan

We invite you, in three simple steps, to join the “Hi, story” fundraising project, to help us complete the archeology exhibition hall and view a thousand years of Taiwanese history.

Step 1: Download the Donation Form
The Museum of Anthropology is affiliated with National Taiwan University. All donations will be coordinated and managed by the Financial Management Office of National Taiwan University, and official tax-deductible receipts and donation letters will be sent by them.
Step 2: Complete the Donation Form
Thank you for your support. Please check “Open to the Public” or “Let the Recipients Know” at the “Open Credit Section/開徵信處” so that we can send a thank you note.
Step 3: Send the Donation Form
Please return the donation form by E-mail or mail, and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please call (02) 3366-4742.

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