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Regulations Related to This Program

University Resources and Regulations

Course and Graduation Requirements Map

Degree Completion: Time Limits and Required Credits

(1) Study time limit:2-7 years


a. Total credits required for graduation credits:  26 credits (not including the 12 for the doctorate thesis), of which at least 16 must come from courses in this institute.

b. Valid Ph.D. student courses are D and M courses. U courses or undergraduate courses will not be included in the minimum required credits. Credits for M courses completed before beginning Ph.D. studies will also not be included.

c. Ph.D. students should discuss course selection with their supervising professor before course selection begins for each semester. After gaining the approval of the supervising professor and the department dean a true record of previously completed courses record should be completed and handed in.

d. From the second academic year after they begin study Ph.D. students can join the “Basic Document Evaluation” offered by the department (2 credits), but only once will count in the minimum required credits.

e. At the latest, before the second semester of the fourth academic year of study Ph.D. students should complete the required 24 credits to complete the qualifying examination on time.

Compulsory Core Courses: (when core courses are the same as Masters degree courses an exemption can be applied when a student is admitted to the department) 6 credits

Cultural anthropology basic theory (3 credits)

Archaeology basic theory (3 credits)

Other Compulsory Courses and Credits for Archaeology Track: (9 credits)

Special Topic in  Archeology (3 credits)

Regional Archeology (3 credits)

Research Methods (3 credits)

Other Compulsory Courses and Credits for Anthropology Track: (9 credits)

Special Topic in Anthropology (3 credits)

Regional Ethnography (3 credits)

Research Methods (3 credits)

(3) Other regulations

  1. A student has to pass the second foreign language test or have taken two years of foreign language and pass the candidates’ qualifying examination and thesis oral examination. ( Limited to the university-stipulated German, French and Japanese. If a field language related to the student’s thesis, computer program language or statistical language, etc is selected, approval must first be gained from the supervising professor and department dean and a report written and passed to the Teaching Affairs Department before it can substitute for study of the second foreign language). If before admittance a student has completed two years of foreign language study and has a mark of over 70 or has already been given second foreign language study exemption can apply for an exemption.

2 In principle, Ph.D. theses should be based on first-hand field research.

If there is any doubt about these regulations please consult the Chinese. 

Department Course Mapping in Chinese can be found here

More Information about Course Requirments can also be found in MyNTU