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Course Planning

Program Overview

Time Limit: 2-4 Years

Requirements: 28 Credits, Thesis, Academic Ethics Workshop, and Second Foreign Language.

National Taiwan University’s Course Mapping Website (please click here)


Graduation Requirements

I. 28 Credits (Graduate Level Courses Only)

Required Courses (16 credits)

Other Required Courses (12 credits)

Other courses may be chosen according to the student’s interests.

II. Second Foreign Language Requirement

Students must pass a second foreign language exemption test or have completed one year of second foreign language study. (NTU Regulations click here)

III. Academic Ethics Workshop

IV. Thesis

Thesis Writing Rules and Regulations


The Dean shall be the supervising professor for students until such time as they chose a supervising professor. A student must choose a supervising professor, by the latest, before the end of the add/drop period of the first semester of their second academic year. After receiving the agreement of the supervising professor, a report form shall be filled in and handed in to the office for filing.


A Masters’s student supervising professor should be a full-time professor, associate professor or assistant professor from the department.


The supervising professor shall supervise the student’s course selection and thesis writing and will automatically be a member of the student’s degree examination committee.


Before course selection, each semester, a Master’s student shall discuss course selection with his/her supervising professor and, after approval by the supervising professor and dean, hand in the course selection record.


From the first semester of the second academic year, a Master’s student shall discuss the outline of their thesis and expected progress once each semester. Before the end of add/drop, each semester, a thesis research plan shall be handed in the office for filing, without which a student shall not choose courses.


A Masters student should only apply for the degree examination after receiving the approval of their supervising professor

Thesis Defense

For Regulations Regarding Thesis Defense click here.

V. Further Notes

  • Of the 28 credits for graduation 20 credits must be from the Department of Anthropology.
  • Thesis and second foreign language classes do not count towards the graduation requirement.
  • Any students whose previous background does not include a degree in anthropology or archeology may be required by the dean or a supervising professor to repeat basic Department of Anthropology undergraduate course (s) but these will not count as degree credits. The exact courses and requirements will depend on the individual student’s previous academic background.

If there is any doubt about these regulations please consult the Chinese. 

Department Course Mapping in Chinese can be found here

More Information about Course Requirements can also be found in MyNTU