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This page is for Foreign Students who wish to apply to the Department of Anthropology’s Master’s Program. For Taiwanese students, please visit the Chinese version of this page.

Approximate Number of Positions for Foreign Master’s Candidates: 3

Pre-Requisites and Qualifications

1. Only foreign students who are not from Mainland China, Hong Kong or Macao may apply in this manner. If you are uncertain of your status as a foreign student please check your status on the International Student’s Website. (click here)
2. University Graduates with a GPA in the top 20th percentile.
3. Students who have had at least two years of university Chinese classes.

Required Application Materials

1. NTU Online Application (click here)

Department Specific:
1. An essay, written in Chinese detailing the applicant’s plan for study abroad, containing a personal biography and purpose of study.
2. A research proposal, written in Chinese, no less than two thousand words long, including research motivation, objectives, methods and significance.

Submitting Your Application

  1. Please submit your application to the Department of Anthropology via NTU’s online application system.
    a. The link for the application system can be found here. (click here)
    b. More information on applying to NTU can be found on the International Students Website (click here).
  2. After submitting your application you may be contacted by the department for an interview.
  3. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the department
    • Phone::  +886 (02) 3366-4744
    • E-mail: