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David J. Cohen(高德)

Position: Associate Professor
Research Expertise: Research Interests: Chinese archaeology, origins of agriculture, Paleolithic-Neolithic transition in East Asia



Education: Ph. D. , Harvard University, Department of Anthropology (2001.11)
Positions Held: Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University, Anthropology Department, 2015-present.
          Adjunct Assistant Professor of Archaeology, Archaeology Department, Boston University,
          Project Manager, International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History,
          Boston University (2006-2013)
          Lecturer, Harvard University Extension School (2005-2008)
          Lecturer, Archaeology Department, Boston University (2003, 2005)
          Lecturer on Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University(2003-2004)


Office: Room309 , Department of Anthropology, Administration Building, Shui-Yuan Campus 
TEL: (02)3366-4749