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Yuan-chao Tung(童元昭)

Position: Adjunct Associate Professor
Research Expertise: Oceania Ethnography, Culture and Identity, Immigration Studies, Intermarriage and Adoption, Food. In Taiwan, she focuses on the Pingtung area, especially the peoples living in the mountains along the Pingtung Plain.



Education: Ph.D. in Anthropology, Southern Methodist University

Positions held: February 2006 to July 2007  Director of the Center of Austronesian Culture, Taitung University
         2001-2002 Visiting Scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute. Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.
         August 2008 to July 2011 Director of the Department of Anthropology, National Taiwan University
         Director, Aboriginal Studies Center, National Taiwan University


Office: 水源校區行政大樓人類學系501室
TEL: (02)3366-4733